My name is Christina, and I’m the dyer of the fibers here on DeepWater Dye Works.

As a child I leared to crochet, making yards and yards of single chain.  I also learned to spool knit and made what seemed like hundreds of miles of snake-like knit tubes.  I don’t recall if I did anything with these items, but I have a vague recollection of coiled dollhouse rugs.

As a college student, my favorite portion of organic chemistry was the dye lab: so much so I took it twice (there’s historical reinterpretation).

I taught myself knitting while pregnant with my oldest daughter and got a wild hair (!) about learning to spin my own yarn. My love for dyeing was re-awoken at a fiber festival and viola! I was hooked.  I A dear friend asked me why I wasn’t selling the things I was compelled to make and after careful thought (and a hefty dose of whisky) DeepWater Dye Works was born.

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