Squam Art Workshops

I was lucky enough to attend Squam Art Workshopsspring session this year.  I had never done anything like this, being professionally extroverted but socially introverted.  And I hadn’t taken a class since college.  Yup, I’m self-taught, from reading books and watching videos or observing people doing the work I’m interested in.

In any case, I had classes with Gudrun Johnston (Sweater in a Day), Franklin Habit (Bavarian Twisted Stitch) and, one of my personal heroines, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee(Knitting for Speed and Efficiency).  My classes were all amazing and they were challenging, both from a technical point of view (new things to learn!) and a personal one (feeling right foolish in class).  Despite the challenges, I really enjoyed all of the classes and my teachers.

I was lucky to have cabin mates who were delightful, and who said lovely things about my dye-work (I had brought items for Stephanie for “Karmic Balancing Gifts” for people who donate to her charity bike ride to benefit AIDS research. There are details on her blog, in the May archive: the 17th, I think).  Better yet, Stephanie was more than gracious and said nice things.  Now I just have to get her the pictures she needs for the products she picked out!

If you have the opportunity and the desire, go.  It’s a great thing.